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Nuno Pinheiro writes...Thank you for the warm reception on the idea of creating a Network for European History of Photography. I believe this is a project which will help us all.

I hope in the future to have better web housing and better designed site, however the most important is to have a place to share information, to get connected to each other, to have discussions, to present our work, to search for connections. Now we have such a place: A blog, a Facebook page and an e-mail. Their usefulness will be on what we put on there. On the news, on the exhibitions, conferences, call for papers, links, resources, photographs we can place on these media.

Now it is the time for you to have the word. Feel free to post all the information related to European History of Photography in our blog (it will need administrators approval) or in our facebook page (no approval needed, but administration will remove posts unrelated to History of Photography).

This is a place to present texts, individuals, groups and organizations, conferences, talks, books and journals, call for papers or for help, museums, exhibitions, discussions, resources … so, feel free to do it.


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