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Photography Fair 3: The Other Art Fair 2013 / 25-28 April

The Other Art Fair is London’s leading ‘artist-led’ fair and this year’s contributing artists have been handpicked by Turner Prize nominee Yinka Shonibare (as the head of this year’s selection committee) ensuring that 100 of the best unrepresented artists from across the globe will be at the fair.

Celebrating the best fifteen unrepresented photographers from the UK and beyond, The Other Art Fair’s PHOTO 15 section suits visitors particularly interested in the genre and highlights the importance of photography as a medium within the fair.

Photographers include:

Megan Revel - A largely self-taught photographer, Revel’s photography explores the hidden beauty within London and beyond. Experimenting with many photographs of the same scene, each image is exposed at a different level and then collated.

Jaykoe - The foundation of Jaykoe's practice is drawing and tracing movements in a city space. The work stems from a fascination with the centres we construct, the forms they take and what they reveal about us, at a time when more than half of the world's population live in cities, a proportion that is expected to rise to three quarters by 2050

Urbantag – Acting as a pho­tog­ra­pher and an icon­o­clast, Urbantag creates urban tales that are full of urgency and immediate impact. In particular, the focus is on subjects that are con­tra­dic­tory and dis­torted. Enclosing photographs in a rect­angle, a fleeting moment is frozen in an instant.

Cyrus Mahboubisn – Inspired by his daily journeys, chance encounters and the natural world, Mahboubisn’s photography aims to record significant memories. Preferring analogue film to digital photography due to its tangible nature, Mahboubisn often uses polaroid as his medium of choice because he sees it as the immediate manifestation of a memory. Once shot, the instant polaroid print is a physical object that becomes part of the experience.

Seungmi Lee - Seungmi Lee is a South Korean artist currently living in London. Her works focus on the postures and gestures of human behaviour and the hilarious characters that spring out of this process of thought.  More generally, her works consider the delicate and ever evolving artistic world, which is in constant evolution, as well as her own self-examination.


The Other Art Fair
Thursday, 25th–Sunday 28th April, 2013
Ambika P3 gallery, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road , London , NW1 5LS

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