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Research: Early images of the Rosetta Stone

I am looking for information about an early image of the Rosetta Stone. Here is an albumen print by Mansell & Co., presumably from the 1870's. However it is not an image of the stone itself, but some sort of graphic image- a lithograph, a rubbing?  I know that such images were made as early as 1800, but can find no information about this particular graphic  Is it still in existence? In the British Museum?  The top left corner seems to have been cut off at some point. 

The exact same graphic appears in a remarkable Daguerreotype by Mayall, from the Thomas Harris Collection in New York. That Dag was exhibited in 1847, so the image was around for a while. It even seems darker in the Mansell albumen, but that may just be the fading.

Any information would be appreciated,

Thanks, David

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Comment by David McGreevy on December 24, 2015 at 16:21

Alan, I have been a loyal viewer of Luminous Lint for years, Please contact my regarding this subject,

Many thanks, David.

Comment by David McGreevy on December 24, 2015 at 16:09

Thanks, Alan, 

I just bought the Mansell albumen on eBay, (cheap) and have not yet received it,

Am very interested about it. I daren't ask the seller about the Mansell attribution or provenance for fear that it would go for more...

This is such a fascinating subject, The only two examples of this graphic are this albumen print, and the Dag...

There Must me more examples of photos of this, please let me know if you find any...

Best, David

Comment by Alan Griffiths on December 24, 2015 at 16:00

Thanks David - I didn't appreciate that the daguerreotype in the Thomas Harris Collection is a photograph of a graphic rather than the stone itself. Is the Mansell & Co. version in your own collection? If not I'd be most interested in the source and size. Many thanks.

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