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As part of my ongoing research on the life and work of Josef Breitenbach, I am trying to locate further information on a very significant pupil, Ruth Snowman. Snowman studied with Breitenbach in Paris during 1934, and later in England worked as his agent, placing his work in a variety of British and American publications. (During this time she lived on Acol Road, West Hampstead, NW6) From 1935-1939 she ran her own photographic studio in London, under the trading name of Ruth Antoni. (Importantly, her family later helped Breitenbach flee to the United States at the outbreak of the Second World War.)

If anyone has any information about what happened to the archive of the Ruth Antoni studio, or knows of any public or private collections which hold her work, I would be glad to hear from you. (I can be contacted at

Many thanks.

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