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Researching historical intersections between photography and philanthropy

I'm exploring the somewhat little-known historical connections between photography and philanthropy, and I'd very much like to hear any insights or suggestions others may have. In the broadest sense of the term "philanthropy" these connections began with Daguerre, who received a 6,000 Franc annual stipend for life from the French government in recognition of his contribution (he also convinced the government to give 4,000 Francs annually to Niépce's estate). Since then various governments, private donors and foundations have made gifts and grants to many photographers, but I've been unable to find more than the briefest of mentions of these seemingly important connections. Recent history is somewhat easier to document, but I would greatly appreciate hearing about any 19th or early 20th century acts of philanthropic generosity toward specific photographers.

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Comment by Tony Rackstraw on April 29, 2015 at 6:21

William Henry Bush who undertook to photograph and collection hundreds of photographs of early Canterbury Settlers and donated them to the Canterbury Museum.

William Henry Bush - Photographic Collector

The Early Settlers of Canterbury.

Local community raised funds for a photographer after business destroyed by fire:

Adolf Gottlieb Fischer

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