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Shimooka Renjo exhibition catalog now available online

Further to my earlier post regarding the retrospective on Japanese photographer Shimooka Renjo (1823-1914), which is currently running at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, the book which serves as the exhibition catalog has just now become available online from Amazon Japan at this link -- Shimooka Renjo: A Pioneer of Japanese Photography

The book collects 246 of Renjo's early photographs, as well as rarely seen examples of his paintings, and documents related to his life and times. (Renjo lived into his nineties, through Japan's turbulent modernization.)  The book includes fully translated new research by well-known, well-regarded photo-historians including Saito Takio, Ishiguro Keisho, Morishige Kazuo, Sebastian Dobson and Mitsui Keishi.

Between 1862 and 1875, Renjo operated studios in Yokohama that catered to foreign residents and tourists, and it is believed that many of his photographs are in collections outside of Japan, many probably as yet unidentified. It is the hope that this book, which is bilingual with full translation into English, will lead to the discovery of currently unknown examples of his work.

Amazon Japan will ship to other countries and is probably the easiest way to get the book if don't live in Japan. Another way is to ask the overseas branches of Kinokuniya Bookstore to order it for you. Inquiries from booksellers wishing to stock the book to



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