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Publication: Stefano Lecchi, pupil of Daguerre: The last biography

An international study by Roberto Caccialanza of Stefano Lecchi, has been published by the European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh), based in Vienna. The text, unreleased, was selected for publication by the ESHPh: the article is available in open access and is free to download:
The subject of the study is the biography of the painter and photographer Stefano Lecchi, who is known worldwide for the photographic reportage of the 1849 events in Rome and other views of Pompeii made in 1847. The biographical research, developed over more than two years of work, has involved several public and private institutions from all over Europe (Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, United Kingdom, Switzerland).
Roberto Caccialanza,  Stefano Lecchi, from Milan, Pupil of Daguerre: the Last Biography, ESHP, 2017. See:

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