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Terry King writes...As people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the ability of digital photography to meet their creative needs, there is a corresponding revival of interest in the craftsmanship and the aesthetic of the hands-on or alternative photography included my Wedgwood to Bromoil course of workshops. Examples of processes included in the workshop can be found on course gives everyone hands-on practical experience.

The excitement of the workshops is that the ‘students’ are inquisitive people who want to know the science and history of the processes so that they can use them more effectively.. Apart from London’s professional printers and amateur printers of the highest standing, those attending the ‘Wedgwood to Bromoil’ course usually include people from undergraduate to PhD level.

The programme covers:
• Wedgwood’s process presented to The Royal Institution in 1804
• Niepce’s asphaltum prints (1822-26)
• The cyanotype and chrysotype (gold) and the revised versions the Cyanotype rex and the chrysotype Rex
• Salt printing (1841)
• Albumen
• Carbon
• Platinum printing
• Gravure and photo-etching
• Kallitypes
• Gum bichromate
• Bromoil and bromoil transfer

Hands-on-Pictures will still be running workshops on individual processes on request, see

My work in alternative processes has been described as ‘awe inspiring’ and of ‘great beauty’ and my teaching as both inspiring and practical

The course will be for one day a week for fifteen weeks. There will be a maximum of six students. If there is a demand we will run a second course on a different day ( this has engendered some friendly rivalry between those on the different days).

The workshops are provisionally planned for Fridays over fifteen weeks starting in January. The weeks will not be consecutive but grouped according to the needs of both the course itself and those of the students..

The workshops will take place at the Hands-On Pictures studio in Richmond, Surrey..

The cost will be £1,000 for the fifteen days.

Demonstration materials are included in the cost students will need to get their own materials and tools should they wish to make their own prints during the workshop. I will be able to supply the more expensive chemicals and metallic salts.

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