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Afternoon all.

I am photographic consultant at Chiswick Auctions and we just took in a long run of B J Almanacs from the early 1900s through to the mid 1960s for the next photographic sale.

Like most of you here I have probably seen hundreds of these over the years but was surprised to find that a couple of them had their original dust jackets. I have never seen any of these before and ages of Google, eBay & Abe Books searching failed to find even one more example.

As you can see, the later of the two is from 1939 and after that date paper was in short supply so I don't suppose they continued after the war.

I asked the question in a recent PCCGB Zoom meeting and via our email group and only managed to find 2 others. Has anyone else got, or ever seen any of these before?

Enquiring minds need to know.

Stay safe

Tim Goldsmith.

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Hi Tim,

I have three - all from the 1930's. Never seen any others. Peter Loy told me about them so he may have some. Phil.

Hi Phil & thanks.

Maybe people threw them away as the paper is very thin and easily torn? Still, I'm surprised that if even if they were only supplied for a few years that so few seem to have survived.



I love the fact that these dust jackets describe it as 'The Big Book of Photography' which is so much like the titles of the books that I found in my Christmas stocking many years ago. Somewhat different to 'Journal' and 'Almanac'.

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