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A basic question - I'm still learning about cdvs! I presume photographers would buy in a stock of cards for their prints. But would a Lancashire photographer conceivably buy cards from e.g. Bristol Portrait Company? I seem to have found exactly that situation in some family history and am trying to work out validity. Thanks in advance if you can shed any light! Joe

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The 1887 Percy Lund catalogue can be found and downloaded here -

He also published "Photographer's World", a monthly trade journal, and he also wrote a handbook at the turn of the century "Photography for Novices" published by W. Butcher & Sons.

There is a good history of Percy Lund, the man and the firm, here

 Ron, sorry I thought I'd replied but I cant see it - further details followed in subsequent posts above. Thanks!

Ron Cosens said:

Can you post an example showing front and back of the mount?

Ron Cosens

John Toohey said:

A lot of designs were shared by studios. I have seen this one also used by Thomas Donovan of Brighton and Boak and Sons of Malton and Driffield.  

This is a Marion & Co cdv back, and as you say they often used the same designs with just the photographer's name changed.


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