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In the 1970's I acquired a fully working Beardmore Backdrop complete with 5 painted backgrounds .

It came from a Birmingham studio 

I am hoping to find a suitable home as storage is on ongoing issue. I am hoping to find a home for the item that may appreciate its place in the history of British Photography.

I am not in a position to give it away and would appreciate any thoughts on a way forward . 

Thank You for your time 


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These are stunning. I wish I could afford to buy them. Storage ... well, somehow I would make that issue go away :-)
Good luck with finding a worthy new home for them.

Brett Payne
Tauranga, New Zealand

Agreed - stunning. I think I would start by contacting the V and A in London and take their advice as to the way forward. If they don’t want them they might point you at alternatives. Edinburgh Museum has a big photography collection but then so do many other Museums. They don’t only take donations - they also buy as far as I am aware.

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