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Directory of English Photographers, 1840 to 1940

Does anybody know if ‘Directory of English Photographers, 1840 to 1940’.compiled by Sandy Barrie is available to view. Also how to contact Mr Barrie by the email.

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I am not aware that this is available to view. Sandy can be reached at: 

Thank you Michael, you always come up trumps

Hi Robert, Sandy's directory was only ever a draft document and never published. Sandy and I have collaborated with our friend Ron Cosens and all of our data on English photographers has been incorporated into Ron Cosens massive database which underpins his website "Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840 to 1940" We are still contributing content. I am assisting Sandy with a revised edition of "Australians Behind the Camera: Directory of Early Australian Photographers, 1841 to 1945" which was originally published in 2002 but limited to 150 copies. Cheers! Marcel, Holland Park, Australia

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