Frances Edmund Currey (1814-1896)

I'm researching Frances Edmund Currey (1814-1896), land agent to the 6th Duke of Devonshire at Lismore Castle, County Waterford, Ireland, amateur photographer and member of RPS and Dublin Photographic Society. I'd love to hear from anyone with information or images about/by this photographer.

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  • Dear Sarah,

    Thank you, that’s interesting.

    I,m afraid I can’t now recall where I found

    the photograph, but good luck with your


    Kind regards,


  • Dear Mr Tucker,

    I have now seen another print of this scene in an album held by Chatsworth Trust which confirms to me that Currey is the photographer. Thanks again for sharing the image. Kind regards, Sarah 

    G.W. Tucker. said:

  • Apologies for the late reply I've been down with a nasty sore throat all week. 

    many thanks for the image - I've not seen this view before and wonder if there is any more info you have with it and where you  came across it? 

    Best, Sarah

  • Hello Mr Tucker,

    Thanks for this information - I didn't know about the Photographic Exchange Club and will follow up re the Getty album. I'd be interested to see the Lismore image if you can work out how to share it - if for eg you click on the landscape rectangle (with mountain range) in top left of the reply dialogue panel (next to the chain link icon) it gives option of uploading an image from your computer. I also wonder where you found the print as there aren't many examples of this work around. There is also a link "Upload Files" at the bottom. Anyway I'm very grateful for the information !!

    Best Sarah 

  • Sarah, Hi,

    Some bits about him. After Cambridge, (Trinity) he went into the law and was called to the Bar.

    At some point he became agent to all the Duke of Devonshire’s Irish properties.

    His activity as an amateur photographer was prolonged, over thirty years

    being a member of the RPS from its beginning in 1853 to his death. ( He left £46,429).

    Besides his membership of the RPS and Dublin he was a member of the Photographic

    Exchange Club and Amateur Photographic Association,  (their album at the Getty has

    an example of his work). His work featured examples of architectural, genre and still-life

    photography. I’ve one example of his work, a view of Lismore Castle c1860 and if I only 

    had a clue how to do it I’d post a copy!

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