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I have been trying to research the attached signed photographic portrait. I thought the signature might have said Frank Mowry and the only person I could find of that name in a photographic context worked in Rutland, Vermont USA in the mid 19th century.

Given the buildings and dress look distinctly British in style and I am in London UK this seems unlikely.  Can anyone with better eyes (and more knowledge!) than me suggest who the photographer might be?

I am assuming the photograph is Victorian but again if anyone can correct me or confirm then I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance for you assistance.

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I think the signature is 'Frank Brown' with what you have interpreted as a 'y' perhaps just a flourish.  It could, in that case, be the photographer mentioned on the PhotoLondon database - Frank Brown 1877 - 1937, active at 52 Farbridge Road, Highgate in 1901 - photoLondon

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