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I have examined  this photograph again and again over the past year but am no closer to understanding what it depicts. It is a simple flat mount stereoview with an albumen image. A negative number but no other information. The scene is a valley, with scrub covered hills and a little sign of cultivation on some lower slopes. In the foreground and apparently the subject of the view, are a series of structures that look at first sight like the trestles of a railroad but are not. They are quite complex structures and not all alike. Is this some sort of mining operation where extracted material is sifted or graded with the help of water?  Some sort of drying sheds? A couple of buildings are in view including what looks like a small church. I'd be very grateful for any ideas about this as the picture is now driving me mad! Thanks for any help you can offer

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It is a Gradierwerk (in german) probably in Bad Reichenhall (to win salt)

sorry, my english is not good

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