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I was browsing, for no good reason that I can think of, through the list of members of British Photo History, when I was struck by the number of members living in Scotland’s Central Belt.

With this level of interest in the history of Photography within a relatively small area, I wonder whether Scottish members would be interested in meeting at some point in the future to find out what the various areas of interest are and whether jointly we might achieve something - even if that is only a meeting every so often to discuss shared interests! - that isn’t currently possible. At present, we are more or less in a vacuum (with the exception that this Forum provides).

Is there any appetite for this?

Gordon Christie

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Hi Gordon,

I like this idea and am keen to explore this further. Perhaps even expanding this beyond the 'Central Belt'? Why not curators/historians/collections managers from across Scotland?

I organise the St Andrews Photography Festival next month - also wrapped up in that is the Stereo Conference.

Might there be an opportunity to try and bring together a meeting of photo histoirans here in St Andrews? Maybe in October, maybe not?

Let me know your thoughts.

interested in attending

Hi Rachel and Peter,

Thanks for your replies. Should we wait to see if there is any further interest? The ad in Michael Pritchard’s weekly email may help.



Do you have a connection with other Scottish Photo Historians you could invite?

We could simply proposed a date and time, put out an open invitation and see what comes of it. St Andrews isn't far from where you are (Edinburgh?) and Peter Blair (replied above) is going to be in town as well.

There are groups out there for Photo Curators/Collections (Photography Scotland), and there is a membership base with SSHoP we can tap into. Satruday 27th might be a good day (Peter are you still around then?). OR there is Oct 20th - a few fun events on for people if they want to come for more than just a preliminary meeting?



I don’t have a connection to other potential invitees. I suppose that was the main reason for the Forum post - to see whether there was an appetite for meeting up. My own area of interest lies in the rescue and renovation of old bellows cameras. Beyond that I’m just generally interested in past methods of making and developing images and I have a small collection of old cameras that interest me, for whatever reason.

When I joined this website I lived near Edinburgh but I’m now west of Glasgow. That won’t make St. Andrews unattainable - just a few more miles!

Either date suits me but October may give more time for advertising?

Right, OK, let me have a think on the dates and put some notes out - as well as hearing from others to weigh in on here before we confirm between the 20th or 27th.

Do you have any areas of discussion points to be raised or issues you would like to discuss?

This should be really good actually, it's great to bring people together.

Hi Rachel,

I think I saw it as a let’s meet and see what comes out of it, rather than having a specific agenda.


either date good for me - 27th preferred


It might be more effective to simply message that group here, since Gordon seems to have identified them.  Just an idea.

I would be happy to put you in I Photo Central's photography calendar, as well, once you decide on things.



I’m sorry I missed the reply from Alex. Kind offer Alex but it seems there may not be too much enthusiasm for the original idea?

Either that or Scottish members do not read the Forum posts. But of course it was highlighted by Michael Pritchard when I first posted it so it does seem to be an enthusiasm issue.

It was worth a try!

Thanks to the few who did reply.



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