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Seeking collectors for feedback on their collecting experiences


I posted a few months back about a photographic project I was doing for my final year project at university. I was interested in photographic postcards of Southampton and since then have collected around 60 examples. I became interested in the psychology of collecting and made a website mimicking those created by collectors who wish to share their collections and interest with a wider audience. The website is in addition to showing the postcards themselves at my end of year gallery show. On the site I have added a forum and created a topic about collector's experiences. I would greatly appreciate any input about your thoughts and feelings as a collector - what you collect, how you got in to it and what the objects mean to you.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the site

Many Thanks,

Francesca Issatt

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Interesting to see your collection of cards to Miss Williams. I have a pile of cards which turned out to be from various members of my Uncle's Wife's family which span a number of years (my Aunt rescued them when the house was cleared in the 1970s). Through these I was able to piece together various aspects of their lives, where they lived, holidayed, worked and so on, information which would otherwise have been lost. And isn't that why a lot of people collect? A reaction to the ever increasing pace of change (I notice your site uses new social network options which I've never heard of and which will probably go the way of Bebo before you leave Uni) and a desire to hang on to some of the past before it hits the skip?

Your collection sounds really interesting, would you be able to post about it on the link to the forum that I've provided. Thanks :)

Hi Francesca, are you interested in postcard collectors or just collectors. I have been collecting cameras and other photographic items for more than 40 years, but postcards and photos while interesting are nothing like the fascination of the inginuity and design associated with the 'hardware'.

Is this the sort of response you wanted ? Would be pleased to help if I can understand what you want.



Hi Jeff, I am interested in collectors of any kind, any input would be greatly appreciated. The postcards are going to be displayed at a gallery on the Isle of Wight later in the year along with the website and it would be really good to have some more responses on the forum to make it properly interactive. Here is the link again. Thanks

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