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I'm looking for help with identifying the stereo camera technology in use in the first of these images. The picture shows Belgian photographer and ecologist Jean Massart in 1911. Not a great image I know, but all I have to go on.

The stereo pictures produced by Massart's camera are of the format shown in the second image. The print measures c.3.5 inches x 4.75 inches and seems to be a non-standard geometry for stereos, with its rectangular, portrait-format images, separated by quite a large gap.

Can anyone help?



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Hi Damien, Looks a bit like a stereo ICA, I'll have to find mine and compare. But I have a French stereo camera from the 1890's which would make prints of a similar size, but that's in wood and brass and this camera looks more like a metal one.

Will research a bit and get back to you, if I find anything



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