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A question for those with knowledge on Elliott & Fry cartes... Was the 'Copyright' caption on cdv mounts started being added after certain date or was it randomly used/not used after its inception? More specifically, is the 'Copyright' caption a good method to date their cartes in addition to studio addresses?

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Hi Ron, checked both my email and ning inbox, but no message from you. [?]

Ron Cosens said:

Hi, just sent you a conclusion

An interesting eBay listing related to Elliott & Fry...

Unique ELLIOTT & FRY Victorian Photographic History Archive -

The collection, housed in a leather antique cabinet card box, [according to the seller] includes:

Approx. 8 LETTERS from members of the Fry family to each other. Several are by Edmund Fry.

41 PHOTOGRAPHS from the STUDIO of ELLIOTT & FRY (35 cdv / 6 cabinets) most of which have been given humorous captions au verso probably by Clarence E. Fry himself, for his own amusement & perhaps to amuse his family & friends...these are well worth a closer look below! Two of my favorites are 'Having murdered her Mother she quietly contemplated the corpse' ...& 'Pressure on the Brain'.

ALSO A FURTHER 60 ELLIOTT & FRY PORTRAITS, not originally related to the main collection, but included for research / interest.

A lot of interesting material and images here, and some curious captions indeed. The image of F.E. Guise is captioned "A Neutral Gender", for example.

But back on topic, a cursory trawl does seem to suggest that images of seemingly well known personalities were copyrighted, even from quite early on, whilst others with every variety of back were not.

I have on occasion been able to get a useful indication of possible date from Roger Vaughan's helpful work on Marion Imp Paris, including later period code markings (see and it'd certainly be worth checking this out, as E&F certainly seem to have used MIP card stock over a long period.


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