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My Father Adam Kreb and his brother Reinhold Kreb were reunited with my grandfather Johannes June 7 1947 after WWII in Berlin Johannesstift. The Picture Post covered the story in an issue 1947. There is a short story and picture posted online at they are the bottom picture. It is a very interesting story.


We are looking for a copy of the original publication. Can anyone direct me to where I can start looking? Thank you.

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Sarah McDonald said:

my mistake - the issue you're looking for is JUNE 7th 1947...

hi sarah I spoke to you a couple of days ago  about the kleb article,ive posted a message on this site,so ill see what happens cheers mick thursting

Hi - I've just joined this site and found this thread. The School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University has a fairly extensive collection of Picture Post, possibly complete. The School was launched by former PP editor Tom Hopkinson. If you are still looking I will try to see if they have this particular copy - although obviously it won't be for sale, but a copy of the article could be made. 

hi mick here ive actually got the magazine

Thank you everyone. I just bought it on Ebay. I appreciate everyone's help in this!

okay if you want my one ill send it to you  free off charge mick



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