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Research: Mourning photo.

Hello, I was hoping someone here can help me identify or understand this recently acquired albumen photo.I believe it is British, and shows a man, a dog, and a dead bird. Can't really tell what's going on here...Was the bird a pet-parrot perhaps? did the dog kill it? or is this a hunting photo?

Is the man wearing a clerical collar? Is that a fluffy cat by his…


Added by David McGreevy on July 31, 2015 at 18:00 — 14 Comments

Review: Alvin Langdon Coburn by Pam Roberts

This beautifully bound, large-format, 296 page hardcover book was written by Pamela Roberts to accompany her exhibition based on the unique contribution to the developing photographic aesthetics made by the pioneering artistic photographer Alvin Landon Coburn. Having been unveiled at Fundacion Mapfre in Madrid, the exhibition is now en route to George Eastman House in…


Added by Michael Pritchard on July 29, 2015 at 20:00 — 1 Comment

Publication: Guildford Photography

In 113-pages Rita and Jack Tait relate the story of Ifor and Joy Thomas and the Guildford school of photography. Part biography and part a history of early post-war photographic education the book shows the importance of the Thomas’s and their influence across a large swathe of photographers and educators – including Jane Bown, Tessa Traeger, Julia Hedgecoe and Adam…


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Film: Eadweard

Released early in 2015 and shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June Eadweard is a psychological drama centred around the British photographer, Eadweard Muybridge, famous for his studies of motion who is recognised as the godfather of cinema. Along the way he murdered his wife’s lover, and was the last American to receive the justifiable…


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Happy Birthday William Friese-Greene!

As part of the Brighton programme in this year's Scalarama Film Festival The Luxbry celebrates the 160th birthday of William…


Added by Alexia Lazou on July 28, 2015 at 3:00 — No Comments

Talk: Photography, Theory and Practice: British Photography Education After 1960

As the cradle for both global and domestic photographic talents, Britain has always been a frontier in British photography education, which keeps focusing on the critical thinking and creativity in their students under the principle of interdisciplinary speculative knowledge. Graduates from such education usually impress the public as well as enrich the entire British…


Added by Michael Pritchard on July 27, 2015 at 7:30 — 1 Comment

Getty Aquires early British and French photography

The J. Paul Getty Museum has announced the acquisition of thirty-nine French and British photographs from the 1840s through 1860s, representing some of the most impressive architectural and landscape prints and negatives produced in photography’s early years. The works were acquired from Jay McDonald, a Santa Monica resident who has actively collected photographs since…


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Jobs: PhotoLondon

There's just over one week left to apply for two roles available with Candlestar and Photo London. Candlestar which manages the Prix Pictet Prize and PhotoLondon is seeking to appoint two individuals to important senior roles.

The first is for a Project Manager for Prix Pictet and the second will join the Photo London team as Gallery Development…


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Symposium: Beyond Vision: Art, Photography and Science / 12 September 2015

Early scientific ‘photographs of the invisible’ — from x-ray to photomicrography, motion studies to pictures of electrical charges — have had a profound effect on the development of modern and contemporary art.  Bringing together world-renowned artists, curators and academics, and coinciding with the final days of Revelations: Experiments in Photography, this one-day…


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Images wanted of 'Abused Tintypes'.

Hello, I am writing an article on what I am calling the 'Abused Tintype' - short bit of explanatory blurb below:

"The Abused Tintype: The Tintype was a form of early photography that was extremely popular in the mid nineteenth century. It was cheap to produce and versatile enough to be sent in the post as the image was printed onto Japanned metal. However, partly due…


Added by Gavin Maitland on July 21, 2015 at 16:00 — 4 Comments

Professor Elizabeth Edwards honoured

Professor Elizabeth Edwards, Professor of Photographic History, Director of Photographic History Research Centre, at De Montfort University, Leicester, has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA). The honour is given in recognition of outstanding research and it is the first time that a photographic historian has been recognised by the Academy…


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cfp: Archiving 2016 conference

The IS&T Archiving Conference brings together an international community of imaging experts and technicians as well as curators, managers, and researchers from libraries, archives, museums, records management repositories, information technology institutions, and commercial enterprises to explore and discuss the field of digitization of cultural heritage and archiving.…


Added by Michael Pritchard on July 20, 2015 at 15:46 — 3 Comments

Publication: The Photograph and Australia

Visually rich with fine reproductions and high-level production, The Photograph and Australia tells the many stories of photography in Australia over the last 175 years. It examines the sense of wonder which the photograph can still induce for its ability to capture both things of the world and those of the imagination, and how Australia itself has been shaped by…


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Impressions Gallery: The Bigger Picture

York, and more recently Bradford-based, Impressions Gallery, along with London's The Photographers' Gallery, are the United Kingdom's oldest extant photography galleries. They have both survived the years and continue to produce exciting, ground-breaking and simply, interesting, exhibitions of photography, albeit with significant Arts Council England funding. 



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Bursary: History of the German-language Photobook: Call for Applications

The History and Archives department of the German Photographic Association (DGPh) is awarding a grant concerning the history of the German-language photobook. This grant, which, initially, is going to be advertised over a ten-year period at two-yearly intervals, is intended specifically to promote historical research into all aspects of photojournalism as a part of general…


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Lecture: The Camera and the King: Photographing the Excavation of Tutankhamun's Tomb / 23 February 2016

Christina Riggs, FSA, will discuss the use of photography in the excavation of the legendary Egyptian tomb, which Howard Carter discovered in 1922. How did photography shape the way the excavation was conducted, the presentation of the find in the press, and the archaeologists’ own ideas about what they had found? This lecture will present work-in-progress on Dr…


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Publication: Photographs, Museums, Collections Between Art and Information

The status of photographs in the history of museum collections is a complex one. From its very beginnings the double capacity of photography - as a tool for making a visual record on the one hand and an aesthetic form in its own right on the other - has created tensions about its place in the hierarchy of museum objects. While major collections of 'art' photography…


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Archive opening: The Pauline Heathcote Archive

Bromley House Library, Nottingham, is opening The Pauline Heathcote Archive at Bromley House Library on 29 July at 2.30pm. Bromley House was the home of the first commercial photographic studio in Nottingham and was in use from 1841 until 1955. Eric Butler has been working with Bernard Heathcote and Bromley House to set up a research centre for the history of photography based on Pauline Heathcote’s extensive and thorough research notes. There is also a small photographic museum celebrating…


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Newspaper Archives - whatever happened too?

Over the past five years as Trinity Mirror's archivist I have begun to bring together all its national and regional photographic archives into a central archive based at Watford.

What has become apparent that a number of the regional archives are incomplete and that no one person knows what happen to the them. There are Chinese whispers of…


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Symposium: The Daguerreotype / 8-9 October 2015

Bry-sur-Marne, France, the birthplace of Louis Daguerre, which has done much to reclaim his legacy in recent  years, will be the venue for The Daguerreotype Symposium organised Daguerreobase in collaboration with the European Daguerreotype…


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