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Online events: John Thomson and the Western Front

Two online talks take place this week look at different aspects of photographic history. On Wednesday, 28 July Dr Beatriz Pichel discusses some of the themes in her new book  Picturing the Western Front: Photography, Practices and Experiences in First World War France and on Thursday 29 July Betty Yao looks at John Thomson and his…


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Talk: Peter Domankiewicz and Christopher Frayling: Who was William Friese-Greene? / Bristol, 1 August 2021

For much of the twentieth-century, the contribution of William Friese-Greene to cinema was disputed. Having famously died at a meeting of cinema exhibitors with only the price of a cinema ticket in his pocket, cinemas around the country shut down their projectors to mark his funeral. The film The Magic Box – made for the Festival of Britain and released just…


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Invitation to Tender: Photography Collection Cataloguing and Accreditation Project / deadline 26 August 2021

Autograph is seeking a consultant or consultants, to deliver a cataloguing and collection accreditation project for our unique photography collection, between October 2021 and October 2022.

This project offers a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Autograph holdings which are located at Rivington Place, London. The growing…


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cfp: British Photography since 1972 / deadline for proposals 15 October 2021

The Royal Photographic Society’s Historical Group was formed on 22 March 1972 at a time when photography in Britain was undergoing a significant transition. The RPS, itself, was in a process of modernisation as it sought to remain relevant to British photography. The way photography was taught in higher education reflected a move away from the technical to a…


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Online event: Out of focus women in Australian photography / 22 July 2021

Curator Jan Brazier introduces the Australian women working in commercial photography 1850-1920. On 12 June 1871, the Illustrated Sydney News observed about 'Lady Photographers’  that the womanly attributes of ‘Delicacy, cleanliness, patience and … long suffering’ were the conditions essential for success for working in photography. Women certainly…


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Resource: the Creative Camera archive (and more)

The Golden Fleece is, in its opening statement, 'the home of The Creative Camera Archive, plus notes on photography, photographers and photographic ephemera'. It includes a searchable archive of Creative Camera 1-362  and DPICT issues plus a list of features.  Elsewhere it has resources on Tony Ray-Jones, Raymond Moore, Edwin Smith, Olive…


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Archive: HSBC history website

HSBC have just launched their new History Website, documenting and sharing its heritage journey and story. The archive, which has amassed a diverse range of material and content over the decades, reaches right back to their early foundation in 1865. As one of the largest financial organisations in the world, HSBC has survived the Great Depression and the…


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cfp: Snapshot in Time / deadline 1 September 2021

Scottish Transport & Industry Collections Knowledge Network (STICK) is inviting submissions for papers for its 2021 conference – 'Snapshot in Time' – to discuss the importance of photography as a documentation and advocacy tool for industrial and transport heritage. The conference is scheduled for Wednesday 17 November…


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V&A announces its 2022-2023 programme

The V&A Museum, London, has announced its 2022-2023 programme. Of particular interest to the photography world are new photography displays although photography will feature in exhibition highlights including Beatrix Potter: Drawn to NatureFashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear, and Africa Fashion. 

In November…


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Digital resources: turning pages from the Royal Society

The Royal Society has digitised books and archival material held in its collection. These include Anna Atkins' Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843). The volume was given to the Royal Society by Anna Atkins. Other material of photographic interest are travel and photography notes from John Herschel (c.1838-); and the visitors…


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Online talk: George Shaw, an early Birmingham photographer / 21 July 2021

George Shaw was one of Birmingham's first photographers and a key member of the emerging professional classes in Victorian Birmingham with a wide ranging network which encompassed his work as a patent agent, chemistry professor and his involvement in the arts. In this talk, artist Jo Gane will discuss Shaw's life and work, alongside presenting new photographs…


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Online event: Picturing the Western front / 28 July 2021

Between 1914 and 1918, military, press and amateur photographers produced thousands of pictures. In her new book Picturing the Western Front: Photography, Practices and Experiences in First World War France (Manchester University Press, 2021) Dr Beatriz Pichel argues that photographic practices also shaped…


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India unveils its first memorial to Niépce

India will have its first memorial to Joseph Nicéphore Niépce on 5 July, the 188th anniversary of his death.  Renowned painter and sculptor Mr. Sunil Kumar from Trivandrum is the creator of the statue. The memorial is being built by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce Foundation, Mavelikkara, and will be located in Mavelikkara,…


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Online conference: Photographic Art Reproductions, from 1839 to the Present / 23 July 2021

The photographic art reproduction came into being simultaneously with the invention of the medium: Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce captured engravings in his earliest heliographs, while William Henry Fox Talbot praised the reproductive capacities of the calotype in The Pencil of Nature (1844). As much as art has affected photographic reproduction (for instance, Louis…


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Blog: Opening up the Daily Herald archive

Lynn Wray, Research Fellow at the National Science and Media Museum, introduces a new research initiative, ‘Communities and Crowds’. She writes...We have recently launched an exciting new research project called ‘Communities and Crowds’ that builds upon the participatory work the museum has been developing with local communities in Bradford as part of…


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Publication: De/Re-Constructing the collodion process

In 2020 the Don’t Press Print conference organized by the RPS and CFPR brought together nineteen speakers from across the world to discuss historical perspectives on the collodion photographic process and how contemporary artists use the collodion process in their practice. The process was the dominant through the nineteenth century and has seen a resurgence…


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Online talks: Spiritualism, Photography, and the Search for Ectoplasm / 30 June 2021

Spiritualism, Photography, and the Search for Ectoplasm. In this talk, award-winning photographer Shannon Taggart discusses the history of spirit photography and its influence on her own documentary work with the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly, recently published in her Fulgur Press book Séance. An artist based in…


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Online talk: Richard Neuhauss' Colour Photography: The Stuffed Parrot as the Test Object of the Lippmann Process / 22 July 2021

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada is presenting a talk which examines doctor of medicine and anthropologist Richard Neuhauss' (1855-1915) use of a stuffed superb parrot as the test object of the Lippmann process; the photographic technology relying on standing waves for the rendition of colour, first disclosed in 1891 by Luxembourgian-French…


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Job: Lecturer in History of Photography / closes 12 July 2021

A lecturer in history of photography, full-time fixed term, is sought by Birkbeck’s History of Art Department during Professor Steve…


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Job: Publication Researcher - Black Women in Photography / deadline 12 July 2021

This opportunity is for a curatorial / academic researcher to project-manage the first dedicated publication to explore the legacy of Black women in photography active in Britain between the 1980s – 90s. This publication is based on an illustrated…


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