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Negative restoration – help any one?

I have around 100 large format colour black and white negatives circa late 1950s. I couldn't tell, but they looked like they were in some plastic sleeves that had deteriorated or some plastic coating (that seemed to have a blue tint). The chemicals in the film or the coating could have reacted with each other. Has anyone come across this before? Is there…


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Eva Grant - 1950s Figure Photographer

Article on the female figure photographer, Eva Grant. She was born in Istanbul, grew up in Greece, and became a student nurse in London. To supplement her meagre income, she did a bit of swimwear modelling, only to find out she had a real passion for being on the other side of the camera. She was active during the 1950s and early sixties. She published…


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A Very British Arcadia: Pan, Wicca and the English Gymnosophical Society.

Here's a piece I wrote on the Pam blog back in October. It touches on the Cult of Pan, Wicca and the English Gymnosophical Society.

A Very British Arcadia

Due, in part, to the censorship laws of the 1950s, photographers often sought to cloak their work in respectability, using Classical allusions in an attempt to validate…


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Horace Roye

A while back I wrote a short biography of the British photographer Horace Roye most famous for his picture Tomorrow’s Crucifixion (1938) — a surreal image of a naked girl on a cross wearing a gas mask with clouds of smoke in the background. He was murdered in 2002 in Morocco aged 97.  Let me know what you think of the article.…


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Joan Craven

Anyone know much about Joan Craven? She shared studios with Walter Bird at Kinocrat House on the Cromwell Road, London. Below is a picture of Pamela Green by her. I run the Pamela Green website and before I post something I wanted to find out a bit more information. This picture was taken in the early '50s.…


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