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Another 'fake' Indian?

I saw this lot (106) going up on 20 October at Newsbury, Berkshire: …


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Daguerreotypes with dubious signatures, etc. appears on market

Group of Reportedly Altered Daguerreotypes with Dubious Signatures, etc. Appears on Market and Includes Daguerre, Le Gray, the Bisson Frerer and Th. Jacobi. This is an article from my E-Photo Newsletter on a group of reportedly fake signatures on actual 19th-century daguerreotypes. If you'd like to be included on our free email list for the newsletter, just comment, or email…


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The 19th-century Photography Show / 22 October

You don't want to miss this spectacular event. The 19th-century Photography Show on Saturday, Oct. 22nd in NYC will have 100 top photo dealers from ten countries participating. It will be the world's largest show ever for 19th-century Photography with booths and table tops. It will be held on the entire 2nd floor of the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel near Penn Station on 8th Avenue at 34th Street from 9:15 am-4:15 am for the table top areas, and until 6 pm for the booth areas.

And the…


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New E-Photo Newsletter, Issue 189, with News about Auction of Questionable 19th-Century Salt Print Negatives and Positives

Here's the latest Newsletter, which covers this controversion subject: .  Too much bad information has been circulating about this auction.  The newsletter has a lot of other important stories as well, which are noted below:


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The November 4th E-Photo Newsletter

For those of you who might have missed the newsletter: E-Photo Newsletter Issue 185 11/4/2011

Fall auction coverage in New York, photo book reviews and more.

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Henri Le Secq's Camera Purchased

I just purchased noted French pioneering photographer Henri Le Secq's camera.  Here are some of the details.

Henri Le Secq: The Photographer's Camera and Equipment. , 9.44 x 11.81 in. (240 x 300 mm), a wooden camera attributed to the photographer Henri Le Secq and coming from his family with an invoice for it made out to Le Secq.  It is 24 x 30 cm and has vertical and horizontal lifts and swings, a black bellows, and a ground glass with…


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October 12th E-Photo Newsletter

The Latest E-Photo Newsletter is up online. It's nearly complete and will go out to our email readers tomorrow.  You can see it here: .

Here are some of the articles that you'll find there:

--George Eastman House Charity Auction results

--Daguerreian Society holds 23rd symposium on October 27-30 in St. Petersburg, FL

--Tokyo Photo 2011: a…


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Daguerreian Society symposium 27-30 October, St Petersburg, FL

The Daguerreian Society's 23rd annual meeting will be held in St. Petersburg, FL, Oct. 27-30.  Attendees from around the world will attend lectures, daguerreotype viewings, an auction and a trade fair that is open to the general public.  The events will be held in the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront (333 First Street South, the symposium headquarters) and the city's…


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Alex Novak: A bit about me

I am one of the world's largest private photography dealers and am interested in all areas of photo history from early 19th-century to contemporary. In the 19th-century area, I have a particular interest in quality early paper, including salt prints and paper negatives. I have one of the largest and most diverse paper negative collections (and early glass negatives--prior to 1865--as well) in private hands.  Besides the 19th-century, my photographic interests extend to Between-the-Wars…


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