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Hot off the press: On Alinari. Archive in Transition

This book is a milestone along the complex road which, in less than two years, has led to the start of a new phase in the management and operations of the Fratelli Alinari photographic studio that was established in 1852. On Alinari: Archive in Transition explores the transition of the Alinari Photographic Archive to public ownership by the Regione…


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Photo Archives VIII: The Digital Photo Archive. Theories, Practices and Rhetoric (call for papers)

We are living an ‘archival moment’ (Daston 2017). Applied to photography, this moment is characterised by limitless production and circulation and, at the same time, by deep concerns about the loss of information in both analogue and digital resources and the fragility of aggregated image clusters and fleeting collections. Given that digitisation and digital…


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New Publication: Photo-­Objects. On the Materiality of Photographs and Photo Archives in the Humanities and Sciences

Photographs are not simply images but also historically shaped three-dimensional objects. They hold a physical presence, bear traces of handling and use, and circulate in social, political and institutional networks. Beyond their visual content, they are increasingly…


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Exhibition Unboxing Photographs: Working in the Photo Archive / Berlin, 16 February–27 May 2018

'Unboxing Photographs: Working in the Photo Archive' opens the boxes of four photo archives to showcase the material diversity of photographs as three-dimensional objects: from glass plate negatives, to 35 mm film, to prints on albumen or silver gelatin paper.

These photo-objects are taken in the hand, tilted and turned over, labeled, cut down, framed, glued into…


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