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Archive: NYTimes's Treasure House of Photographs

The New York Times didn’t always use photographs to its best advantage, as it only first published an illustrated Sunday magazine in 1896. But since then it has built up a true treasure house of photographs with a staggering five million to six million prints and contact sheets (each sheet, of course, representing many discrete images) and 300,000 sacks of…


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19th century photography rocks on... (updated)

This looks like a battle of the rock groups. Queen needs to step aside for another head thumping band, and this time it is Radiohead.

You may not know this but their bassist, Colin Greenwood, has an interest in analogue processes and 19th century photography. Radiohead approached Sebastian Edge, a UCA Maidstone graduate with a distinction in MA Fine Art, to work…


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Tate's scandalous 'rubbish' ...

Archives full of photographs of artworks from their collections and beyond, including sensitive documents relating to government committees and export applications have been saved from being thrown out. Brian Allen, director of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, a UK…


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Sitter and Subject in Nineteenth-Century Photography

This ongoing exhibition (across the pond, unfortunately) is held in conjunction with the Daguerreian Society, and features some 60 nineteenth-century daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes. It addresses several facets of the public’s insatiable appetite for portraits of loved ones and strangers alike. Flawless artistic and studio portraits will be on…


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London Workshops: Early 19th century Photography Workshops

Minnie Weisz Studios in Kings Cross will be running a series of weekend workshops learning to make positive ambrotypes, images direct onto glass, tin and acrylic. Following in the footsteps of Frederick Scott Archer, the inventor of the collodion process in 1851, you will be taught by experts in the field of alternative historic photographic processes, practising and…


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The Scot who made good in Canada ...

The first Canadian photographer of international renown with subjects ranging from royalty, Governors General and the Fathers of Confederation, to Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Anna of Anna and the King of Siam fame. He would also have been responsible for most of the vintage photos of Victorian Montreal, its winter scenes and its…


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Cautionary Tale: Authenticity of 1848 salt prints in auction

It has recently been reported that the French police has opened an investigation into the possible forgery of early photographs sold at the provincial auction house Artcurial Deauville on 29 March last year.

At issue is a catalogue of 83 lots that supposedly came from the family of Charles Edouard de Crespy Le Prince (1784-1850), a minor…


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Nadar & Chevreul: Recreating the first photo interview the Aussie way (Video Update)

UPDATE: You can view the video using the link on this page here or here.

In Paris 1886, the world's first media interview took place when the great photographer Felix…


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Denbighshire Archives: 19th Century prisoners photo books

Almost £30,000 in grants have been awarded to Denbighshire Archives in a number of restoration projects, one of which includes rare 19th century photo books of habitual criminals (taken between the 1860-90s) used by the Denbighshire Constabulary to keep check on repeat offenders.

The books were formerly owned by Denbighshire Constabulary, created in…


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Auction: 19th century East Anglia - Herbert T Cave

TW Gaze Auction Rooms, on Roydon Road in Diss will be auctioning off this Friday (17/2/12) an impressive collection of about 1,000 photographs capturing 19th century every day life in East Anglia. Taken by renowned mid-Norfolk photographer Herbert T Cave, who spent time living in Dereham and Swaffham, it includes images in various themes, including agriculture,…


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Gernsheim Collection collects another gong!

Having won the Fred Whitehead Award for Best Book Design as mentioned in a previous posting herethe book, 'The Gernsheim Collection' which includes…


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Talk: Exhibitions, Photography and Victorian Scotland

In 1853 an unprecedented exhibition of photography toured Britain. It came to Scotland and was celebrated as the product of a “union” with London. In the press, photography itself was positioned as an art historical descendent of alchemy, a perfect blend of art and science, mysticism and religion. Readers were asked to compare this new medium to other technological…


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9-week FREE Cultural Curators Course in London!

I think is this more on the 'arty' side of things, but I'm sure the skills are transferable to running a photo gallery. And it's FREE!

Mapalim is offering you a chance to learn how to run an art gallery with their free course in curating - details …


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" ..... was among the most powerful in the history of photography"

That's what The Arts Council of Great Britain once described the portrait work of William Johnson Jennis Bolding (1815-1899). Much of his photography dates from the mid to late 1850s when the medium was still in its infancy and some of those his camera immortalised were ordinary Norfolk people born as far back as the 1770s.

But his name is…


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Interview: Rewriting the History of Photography

An Australian national radio show recently interviewed John Wood (Aston University, Birmingham) and Sally Hoban (Art Historian, UK) on the early history of photography. This involved using poisonous cyanide leaving traces around fern leaves, as well as…


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Go EAST, young man!

Not as far as China, but the new Stratford City will do!

An exceptional collection of imagery capturing the spirit of East London, collated from the archival collections of Getty Images, will be exhibited at the Getty Images Gallery at Westfield Stratford City.

Key works on display, which are also available for purchase, include images…


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Book: 500 Cameras: 170 Years of Photographic Innovation

To follow-up on their hugely successful coffee-table book, Camera: The History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital, George Eastman House is showcasing its own collection of camera technology in a new book that was launched towards the end of last year. It…


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Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Curatorial Fellowship

The Museum of Modern Art is currently accepting applications for its Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Curatorial Fellowship.  This is a full-time, three year grant funded position.  The Museum began to collect photographs in 1930 and established the department in 1940; its holdings of more than 25,000 works dating from approximately 1840 to the present constitute one of the most…


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Photo Album: University of Cambridge in the 1870s

A photo album containing 58 albumen prints of Cambridge University taken for William Winfield, circa 1870, was recently acquired by Kimberly Blaker, owner and president of New Boston Fine and Rare Books, at auction. If you can identify any of the colleges, buildings, and landscapes in these…


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Volunteer: Photographic Archive Assistant, Essex Police Museum

Your local Police Needs You! Yes, you!  

And to be precise, it's the Essex Police Museum. Their collection consists of objects, paper documents and photographs relating to the history of the force from 1840 to the present day. They are now looking for a committed and enthusiastic…


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