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The Doctor, The Photographs & The Court Case of 1877

Most of you (myself included !) would have first encountered the Irish philanthropist, Dr Thomas Barnado (1845-1905), as your local High Street charity shop. But what did he have in common with photography and a court case brought against him in 1877 ? Well, his name may not spring to mind instantly amongst the names of early photographers, but perhaps deserves to.

In 1874 Dr. Barnardo opened a Photographic Department in his Stepney Boys' Home. Over the next thirty years every child… Continue

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'Shaping the History of Photography' sympoisum

September 30-October 2, 2010

The symposium springs from Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection, the Ransom Center’s exhibition of this foundational collection of the medium’s history. Curators, collectors, historians, and photographers will participate in a series of panel discussions that focus on the areas in photography on which the Gernsheims had such impact—collecting, exhibiting, publishing, and historiography. Leaders in their fields will consider the… Continue

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Exploring the Port of London archive

ARCHIVES chronicling 250 years of riverside history are set to go on display.

The Port of London Authority (PLA) archive, which includes more than a kilometre of documents and records, will be catalogued in a programme expected to last three years. Work will begin at The Museum of London Docklands, situated near to Canary Wharf, compiling the data electronically so that on completion it will be accessible via the internet.

Claire Frankland, museum archivist, said: "The PLA… Continue

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Illustrated London News archive goes online

A unique visual archive of 19th century Victorian Britain, including illustrations and photographs of events ranging from the Great Exhibition of 1851 to the Boer war, will be available online for the first time from today. The Illustrated London News archive holds 250,000 pages and as many as three quarters of a million illustrations, from as far back…


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Shanghai: A History in Photographs, 1842-Today

One can't mention India without mentioning China these days. So bear with me, here goes ....

A new photobook (ISBN-13: 9780670080908) published by Penguin entitled "Shanghai : A History in Photographs, 1842-Today" will hit the shelves tomorrow. Produced by Pulitzer prize winning photographer, Liu Heung Shing, and Karen Smith, an internationally renowned… Continue

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The Artful Pose : Early Studio Photography in Mumbai- c. 1855-1940

May not be entirely British, but still a worthy book to add to the collection of a photo-historian wanting to know more about the history and evolution of early studio photography in India.

Photography arrived in the harbour city of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay) as early as 1840, via trade, as well as through European explorers and government officials. With the establishment of India's first photographic society in the city in 1854, the medium was…

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Snapshots of a Life Less Ordinary – John Dillwyn Llewelyn

Following on from the blog creator's article on the bicentennial celebration of John Dillwyn Llewelyn's birthday this year, Robin Turner of WalesOnline has written a column of this man's historic contribution to British photography which can be found here:…


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With a Little Help from an Old Victorian Photograph ...

As a group of specialist workmen refurbish part of the historic Manor House at Mount Grace Priory, near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, it was reported today that a photograph showing some of the original skilled workers has been donated by an anonymous visitor. The current work at the Manor House is part of a £150,000 project by English Heritage to restore two rooms, which were given an Arts and Crafts make over in…


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The Dark Art of Cut and Paste

Click on the link below (or copy & paste), and enjoy a slide show & overview of some of the highlights featured at the Met Museum's current exhibition 'Playing with Pictures':…


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