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Book: Early Travel Photography: The Greatest Traveller of His Time

It was the Belle Époque, a time before air travel or radio, at the brink of a revolution in photography and filmmaking, when Burton Holmes (1870–1958) began a lifelong journey to bring the world home. From the grand boulevards of Paris to China's Great Wall, from the construction of the Panama canal to the 1906 eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Holmes delighted in finding "the…


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Understanding the Fine Photography Market

Further to Brewer's blog on collecting photography, I came across a useful article written by Sophie Wright who works form Magnum in London, which I hope will be of use to those BPH individuals thinking of venturing into this 'lucrative' market! Well, it seems that way to me after the record-breaking tintype of…


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Belfast Photo Festival 2011

A new biennial photographic festival, aimed at promoting some of the world's top talent behind the lens, is coming to Northern Ireland, its first major photographic event.  The importance of photography in Northern Ireland's visual culture and history is something that will be highlighted, while also embracing and showcasing the nations upcoming photographic talent both at…


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James Roberston (1813-1888) & early Greece

No austerity measures here as The Benaki Museum prepares to display a collection of early photography by James Robertson (1813-1888) who was one of the first prominent traveller-photographers to depict scenes of mid-nineteenth century Greece.

Of Scottish descent, he has been identified as the engraver James Robertson, who worked in London around 1830. He first settled in…


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Book: The Beginning and the End of the World: St. Andrews, Scandal, and the Birth of Photography

In a work of spectacular imagination and remarkable synthesis, Robert Crawford celebrates St Andrews, the first town in the English-speaking world to have its people, buildings and natural environment thoroughly documented through photography. The Beginning and the End of the World tells the stories of several pioneering Scottish…

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Photo Archive: Azerbaijani

No! - it's not about this year's Eurovision Song Contest. And I know it's not quite British too. But what early photography archives do not include anything British?

This online, non-commercial, photo library has over 5,000 photographs, most of them from four main collections: the archives of Narmin Tahirzade, the photo archive of Adalat Tahirzade, the Institute of…


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A19th Century Photo sails away to a World Record

After the record-breaking price paid in Vienna just a few weeks ago for a rare Leica no. 7, the auction world has announced that yet another world record has been broken. This time it is for a 19th-century photograph of a beautifully composed seascape by Gustave Le…


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Catalogue: Eugene Atget - Paris, 1898 – 1924

Recently published to accompany the exhibition, this catalogue, in three languages, has been written by leading experts on the work of Eugène Atget. Following a short text in which the curators set out the exhibition’s aims, Guillaume Le Gall of the Sorbonne will analyse…


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Course: Photography and Photographers in Britain 1839-2012

Just came across this V&A course which might be of interest to all you BPH members out there.

The course looks at original prints in the V&A collection and investigates the work of British photographers from the nineteenth century to the present. It also discusses key ideas and questions shaping the history of photography as a medium for creative expression.…


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Celebrating north London in the 19th century

An 1873 image showing north Londoners on a double-decker coach and horses heading towards Holloway. What about a 1906 snap of an early 18th century coaching inn at the top of Highgate West Hill, which proudly bears the sign “The Flask Tavern”. Another photograph, one of 1,000 in the collection dating from the 1880s, is by JF Hows which shows the middle classes gathering on…


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1866: Early High Mountain Photography

If climbing, photography and the Alps are your cup of tea, then you're in luck!

This is the first time that the life’s work of this important photographer (who is usually a footnote in the history of photography), a total of 1,200 photographs, is being exhibited. Born in Biel, Switzerland, Jules Beck worked in his family's textile business in Strasbourg, France before…


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Digitising British Library the Google way .....

Launching the scheme at a press conference this morning in London, Dame Lynne Brindley, chief executive of the British Library, said that thousands of books and papers from the British Library’s collection will soon be made available online through a new partnership with Google. Google and the British Library will work together to digitise 250,000 out-of-copyright texts from the 18th and 19th centuries. The British Library’s digital collection is expected to increase from 1.25m items to 50m by… Continue

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Wanted: Dead or Alive. Reward: up to $1,000,000

Well, a tintype will do, in fact.

That is if you are in possession of the only authenticated photograph of the outlaw known to exist which is a 130-year-old tintype of Billy the Kid. This credit-card-sized tintype of William H. McCarty, alias William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid is widely regarded as the most important photograph of the American…


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Job: Digital Marketing Executive (NMeM)

Award-winning, visionary and truly unique, The National Media Museum embraces photography, film, television, radio and the web. Part of the NMSI family of museums, we aim to engage, inspire and educate through a powerful yet sensitive approach to contemporary issues.

Working across both the National Media Museum…


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Riley Brothers: The Magic Lantern firm

According to the Yorkshire Film Archive, the magic lantern manufacturer, Riley Brothers, operated out of 55 & 57 Godwin Street, Bradford. They produced a machine called the…


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Capturing the Light in 2013

Roger Watson's book about the race between two eccentric characters on either side of the English Channel in the 1830s to develop the world's first photograph has been acquired by the publishers, Pan Macmillan. This non-fiction work features English polymath Henry Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre in France as they raced to claim the new technology and…


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London Street Photography Festival 2011

World-class photography takes over London’s most celebrated venues, large and small, for the festival’s inaugural year. The London Street Photography Festival launches this summer to celebrate the time-honoured genre. An exciting new addition to London’s cultural calendar, the festival, 1st-31st July 2011, features curated exhibitions alongside a diverse events programme…


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London Street Markets in the 1940s by Walter Joseph

Having been recently acquired by the British Library, these images by Walter Jospeh will become a valued public record of the post war period and the hardships and pleasures Londoners faced.

Joseph (1922-2003) was born in Darmstadt to an Orthodox Jewish couple. He fled Germany as a young man in 1939 (his twin brothers following shortly after) and came to England. As a…


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The Bicknell Album of Hill & Adamson

How would you like to view 100 exquisite salt prints of Hill & Adamson’s most celebrated images from 1843 to 1847? Well, the Bicknell Album which is the only known large presentation album of their work still in private hands will be on exhibit in London shortly.

All other known Hill & Adamson albums are in permanent public collections. Hill himself personally…


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