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The Dawn of Japanese Photography


This recent exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography presented photographs dating from 1853 to 1900 belonging to institutions with exhibition facilities in Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa, and offered photo historians an opportunity to vew some of the earliest photographs produced in that country.

As the exhibition has just ended, I thought…


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Early child photography by Beato, Cameron, Carroll & Edgerton

A new exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography not only reveals the tricks used in the first decades of photography to keep young clients still, but also explains the rapid advances in photographic technology during the 19th and early 20th centuries by focusing on that trickiest of subjects: the child.

Take, for example, a family…


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Talk: Niépce in England

In October 2010 the National Media Museum hosted the 'Niépce in England' Conference where they could announce and share with the photographic, conservation and scientific communities the ground breaking findings which had been discovered during the collaborative research partnership between the National Media Museum (NMeM) and the Getty Conservation Institute…


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Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio ...

If only Mrs Robinson knew - she would have bid for this 1930's photograph of a nude Joe DiMaggio in the showers at Yankee Stadium. It recently sold at auction for US$17,233 to John Rogers,…


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Archive: Museum of the City of New York

Launched in December 2010, the Collections Portal is the public side of a digitization project that will enable Web visitors to discover ever-larger portions of the Museum's collections.  It currently offers more than 62,000 photographs of New York City, thousands of which have never been available for public viewing.  And this is just a start - more photography will be…


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Trivia: Name the photo society that objected to semi-nude females & about to celebrate its 150th

The Edinburgh Photograph Society (EPS) was set up in 1861 (two other societies, the earliest in the world, were founded a few years previously, both also in Scotland) after the 1851 Great Exhibition in London prompted interest in the subject, and the society will next month mark its 150th birthday with a civic reception at Edinburgh City Chambers.

The EPS started out…


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Back to the Future ...

Were you a young person living in Swindon between the 1940’s and 1960’s? Did you live in the Gorse Hill, Parks, Penhill, Pinehurst or Old Town areas? Do you remember having your photo taken? If so, a £25,000 community project (with grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund) is looking for you!

Between the 1940s and 1960s, the famous Swindon photographer Albert Beaney took…


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Going Digital: National Museum Wales’s historic photography

A new project to curate and digitise historic photography from Wales’s national collections has been made possible with the support of a £600,000 gift from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, which is marking its 50th Birthday this year.

Natural Images - Amgueddfa Cymru’s new initiative, which begins in Autumn 2011, will involve transferring the finest…


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Early Swiss daguerreotypes by de Prangey

The picturesque village of Rossinière, nestling in the Sarine Valley between Chateau d’Oex and Gruyères, will be playing host to the second Alt+1000 contemporary mountain photography festival this summer. The quiet village of just 400 inhabitants is best known for its 17th and 18th century wooden chalets and other historic buildings, steep lush green backdrop and typical…


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Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War

These are battles that are forever etched in America’s memories. The man who captured some of the most horrific images during the War Between the States was Alexander Gardner, an intrepid Scotsman, a jeweler’s apprentice of Calvinist upbringing, a newspaper publisher, entrepreneur and photographer. Gardner’s historically significant compilation of images, his…


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Job: Web Producer (National Media Museum)

The National Media Museum in Bradford, part of the National Museum of Science and Industry, is looking for a Web Producer to lead the development of its website into a dynamic and world-leading online arena for inspiring involvement in the media.

With a background in either Web Content, Web Design, Web Development, or Web Project Management, you will understand how of…


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Job: Explainer (4 posts available): National Media Museum

The National Media Museum is one of the leading museums in the north of England, receiving over 500,000 visitors a year and we want you to contribute to our ongoing success.

We are expanding our team and looking for extrovert, engaging and entertaining communicators to fill these stimulating roles. With your excellent presentation and performance skills and your keen…


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Wittgenstein and Photography

A landmark exhibition, which shows previously unpublished material from the Wittgenstein Archives and examines the role and importance of photography in the Wittgenstein family, and in his philosophical work can be viewed in Cambridge until next week.

Wittgenstein had a great interest in photography. In his writings there are numerous references to photography, which…


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William McKinney: An early Ulster Photographer

William McKinney was born at Sentry Hill in 1832. Besides being a farmer, McKinney was a man of many interests with an absorbing love of the countryside. This intense interest in his own locality was carried into his hobby of photography which he took up in the 1880's. He photographed not only his family and friends but also everyday life on the farm.…


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NZ museum acquires Tesla Studios' iconic photographs

Mark Lampe, a respected commercial and artistic photographer, established the Tesla photographic studios in Wanganui (New Zealand) in 1908, having managed the Tasma studios in Hokitika after emigrating from Australia to New Zealand. He named the business after Nikolai Tesla, the eminent physicist, after whom a unit of light is called. Trained as an artistic photographer,…


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Olive Edis: When in Norfolk .....

Edis (1876-1955) took up photography in 1900 when she was given her first camera by her sister. She opened her studio in Church Street Sheringham in 1905 and by 1910 her photographs were appearing in national newspapers. She was one of the first women to use the autochrome process, which was invented in France in 1907, and even patented her own autochrome viewer known as a…


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