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Michael Wong's Blog – October 2011 Archive (21)

Archive: Local Bygones

Local Bygones is a new website featuring thousands of photographs from North and Mid Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire. Created by NWN Media, the interactive site displays pictures from its vast photographic archive, some of which date back to the 19th…


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Job: Curator of Photography, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville, seeks a curator of photography.

Photography is one of five focused collecting areas of the Harn, each of which is headed by a senior staff curator with a devoted permanent collection exhibition space. The curator of photography position is supported by…


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Scottish National Portrait Gallery's new Photography Gallery

Just as when you thought it was safe to head to V&A's new Photograph's Gallery, the National Galleries of Scotland today announced upcoming exhibitions for 2012, including the first exhibition in the newly revamped National Portrait Gallery which opens to the public on 1st December.

The opening ‘masterpiece’ exhibition of the new Photography Gallery highlights…


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Beato & 19th Century Japanese Photography

For all you Beato fans out there, there is a forthcoming exhibition opening end of the month that might be of interest (Stateside, unfortunately!).

A British subject of Italian ancestry, Felice Beato (1832-1909) was one of the most successful early photographers in Japan, which was newly opened to Westerners in the 1850s. Arriving in Yokohama in 1863, Beato quickly…


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Auction: Julia Margaret Cameron

Here's your chance to own the iconic Julia Jackson (1867) portrait taken by her aunt, Julia Margaret Cameron. Cameron made at least two negatives from the Spring 1867 sitting showing Jackson full-face with hair down.

One depicts Jackson with her head tilted downwards in a display of intimacy and tenderness. The other shows her confronting the viewer directly with a…


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Book & Exhibition: The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott

As mentioned in an earlier blog here, dates of this new exhibition to be held at the Natural History Museum has now been released. "Scott's Last Expedition" will explore the captivating story of Captain Robert Falcon Scott's last expedition to Antarctica in…


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Livres et Manuscrits: 'Birth certificate’ of Photography

A highlight of a forthcoming Paris sale early next month is a handwritten document from 1829, signed Niépce, titled Notice sur l’Héliographie. Lot 53 can be yours for an estimated €35,000-50,000. The eight…


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Llandudno's Victorian heritage

A photo exhibition depicting Victorian life including rare images of Custs path, the predecessor to the Marine Drive, Llandudno's first pier which was badly damaged in the great storm of 1859, North Shore pre-Grand hotel, and many more has been organised by the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay History Society.

Entitled "Victorian Photographs and Souvenirs of Llandudno”, it…


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Book: Classic Images

To pay the ultimate tribute to a photographer, lecturer and judge, friends at Oxford Photographic Society has produced a book of 140 stunning photographs including stills, portraits and manipulated images (using filters and materials including orange peel, tissue paper, glass and sandpaper!). All the images in the book were taken from slides made by Peter Upton before the…


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Birmingham: Coming to Light

If you found this blog regarding Birmingham and it's role in the history of photography of interest, then you might be keen to attend a talk given by Pete James, Head of Photographs, in a forthcoming evening seminar. He will be speaking on some of the more…


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V&A Photographs Gallery: Have you got the Date in your Diary?

Just a reminder that on Tuesday, 25 October 2011, the V&A’s new Photographs Gallery will open to the public. The gallery will have an inaugural display of works by key figures of photographic history including Victorian portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron and significant works by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Afred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus and Irving Penn.



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Book: The Luminist

Fictionalising the bio of 19th-century photographic innovator Julia Margaret Cameron, David Rocklin creates, in Catherine Colebrook, a woman fascinated by the dawning of scientific photography. The novel opens in 1836 in South Africa, where Catherine is preparing to depart for Ceylon, a British colony off the coast of India (present-day Sri Lanka). Colebrook is fascinated by…


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Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya

I attended a photo event at the Royal Geographical Society (London) a few weeks ago, and had a sneak glimpse of a new exhibition that the RGS was setting up.

Entitled "Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya", it provided a worrying insight into the impact of climate change in the Himalayan mountains. US photographer, filmmaker and mountaineer David…


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Book: China in Revolution: The Road to 1911

China in Revolution assembles a remarkable survey of historical photographs from leading collections around the world. The images stretch from the Second Opium War to the Boxer Rebellion and wars with Russia and Japan, the outbreak of revolution, through the rise and fall of Yuan Shikai and the ensuing warlord era.

The 1911 Revolution ended dynastic rule in…


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The Kodak Catalogue Project @ The Photographic Historical Society

George Eastman is known for three major things in the course of his development of Eastman Kodak Company as the leader in the world of photography. One was mass production for which he introduced with his production of the Eastman – Walker roll holder in 1894. Second was his attention to research and chemistry, demonstrated by his millions of dollars donated to the…


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Job: Photography Collection Cataloguer (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)

• Work with Curator, Manager of Works on Paper and Photography Collections, Conservation, and Registrar departments to implement guidelines for TMS to bring level of cataloguing photographs up to highest standards

• Continue to review policies and procedures for cataloguing the photography collection to be included in the MFAH-TMS Style Manual; and update…


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Job: Executive Director (International Center of Photography)

The Executive Director, ICP’s Chief Executive Officer, reports to the Board of Trustees and must be an inspiring, bold, and collaborative leader with a passion for photography and digital media. The Director oversees all professional staff and programs, and provides strategic leadership, management expertise, and financial oversight for ICP. In carrying out…


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Hereford Photography Festival 2011

Now entering its 21st year, UK’s longest running photography festival will be returning next month with 40 exhibitions featuring more than 75 artists from across the globe. One of the highlights for this year will be an exhibition at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, co-curated by Simon Bainbridge, editor of the British Journal of Photography. The exhibition Time and…


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What do John Llewelyn & Thomas Henry Winterbourn have in common?

Well, apart from being pioneering Victorian photographers, they both seem to be on a lucky streak! After the report of Llewelyn's £2 million grant here, there is now news of the…


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When Aladdin meets the auction house

A rare presentation album containing 42 sepia toned salt and albumen prints of Persia in 1860 by pioneering photographer Luigi Pesce fetched an impressive £39,000 (or £44,850 including premium) - more than double the estimate - at a Norfolk auction house last week. It drew bidders from afar, including France and the United States, before the hammer came down to a London…


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