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Identification: photographs c.late 1850s / early 1860s

An auction house has asked for identification of a photograph which will be offered at auction on 13 April 2021. There are two photographs in the lot. The photograph which has an unidentified photographer is a portrait of Julia Prinsep Stephen, née Jackson.

The other print shows Mary Louisa Fisher and Julia Prinsep Stephen (both née Jackson), and is attributed to James Mudd or Joseph Cundall. 

Any attributions - ideally with sources - would be welcome. 

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Comment by Gilly Read FRPS on March 16, 2021 at 13:18

The bottom image is Julia Margaret Cameron's photograph of her nieces.The top photograph of Julia Prinsep Stephen.may be taken by James Mudd at a later date. There are portraits of Alfred Lord Tennyson by James Mudd in the National Portrait Gallery. Tennyson was a neighbour of Julia Margaret Cameron on the Isle of Wight,so there may be a connection. Cundall and Downes published and sold Mudd's work. He could have travelled to the Isle of wight to photograph Tennyson and took other photographs while he was there but this is speculation.

Gilly Read FRPS

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