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Brighton Beach Photography - A TinType - Part One

Recently found this Tin Type on a notable online auction site and thought what lovely bonnets the couple are wearing. On that and nothing else I decided to buy the picture. When it arrived I removed the frame and glass protection and scanned the image at 1200dpi to see what I had bought.

A superb backdrop of three of the arches on Brighton Beach is what I suspect I might see and then there were the hats.

Next the precise location was to be found and this was established as on the beach outside an arch directly what is today 'The Brighton Fishing Museum'. It apppears the lady sitter is sitting on one of the still extant pieces of antique fishing boat winding gear.

Below is the view looking north from the sea and back to the arches - very similar to the original camera position.

If the original picture is combined with the Google view of the location it is most apparent the images are identical in location and perspective.

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Comment by David Kastoryano on October 7, 2022 at 12:50

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