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Captain Francis Light established a British settlement on this little island back in 1786. Formerly known as Prince of Wales Island, it was a thriving entrepot of the 18th and 19th centuries and is often remembered for its trade connections for the British with the Far East.

This coming weekend (16th-17th Sept), Think City Sdn Bhd and the Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) will be organising an international conference with 25 overseas Speakers, entitled Penang & the Indian Ocean (PIO), looking into the state’s early history, amongst other topics.

Aptly named Fugitive Images, Andrew Jarvis from the University of Cambridge will be speaking on how the work of photographers from 1840 to 1867 can be used to shed light on broader patterns of the local community’s activities at the time.



Photo: An old postcard showing rickshaws plying along Campbell Street in Penang from the book Penang – Postcard Collection 1899-1930. — Postcard image courtesy of Malcolm Wade.

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