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Auction: Travel, Photographs, Maps and Natural History / Online 9-17 November 2021

Sotheby's latest sale of Travel, Photographs, Maps and Natural History is now available online and the auction runs 9-17 November. Notable 19th century photographs and photobooks include:

Lot 8. A newly discovered 1860s album of photographs of China and Japan by John Thomson, Milton Miller, John Dudgeon, J.C. Watson, and Charles Frederick Moore. 

Lot 9. Collection of thirty-six photographs of China by Thomas Child and others.

Lot 10. A rare 1872 Foochow printed vocabulary and handbook of the Chinese language with contributions by John Thomson and Dr John Dudgeon on photographic terms and apparatus in English and Chinese.

Lot 21. An early album of photographs of Japan by Felice Beato, circa 1868.

Lot 50. A first edition of Maxime du Camp's photobook Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie (1852) with 125 salted paper prints.

Lot 146. A rare example of the Photographic Club's Album for the year 1857, one of circa 50 copies published, containing salted paper and albumen prints by members including Roger Fenton, Oscar Rejlander, Hugh Welch Diamond, John Dillwyn Llewelyn, Benjamin Brecknell Turner and Francis Bedford.

Lot 148. A carbon print by Benjamin Brecknell Turner of The Mill Stream, Boulter's lock.

Lot 176. A signed photograph portrait of Robert Falcon Scott by John Thomson.

View the sale here:


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