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Identification: Possible group Photographic Society of London with F.S. Archer? and R. Fenton?

For many years I've been trying to identify the group of men in this stereograph.  The original carries no information. Three of them are holding stereoscopes which suggests a meeting.  I believe the man on the left is Roger Fenton and next to him looks like Frederick Scott Archer.  If this is the case this could well be a meeting of members of the Photographic Society of London in the mid 1850s. 

While it is easy to provide names of members from that time frame, the problem is attaching faces to names.  I'm hoping that perhaps somewhere there is an identified version of this group, or lacking that, that perhaps someone will recognize any of the gentleman. 

Any help or insight will be welcome.  Thank you -- Paula Richardson Fleming

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Comment by Paula Fleming on February 2, 2019 at 11:40

Dr. Hacking - Thanks for the suggestion--I greatly appreciate it.  I'll contact Dr. Ryan.  Hoping that the gentleman on the right and the one in the middle (probably the most important in the group due to positioning) might be identifiable.

Comment by Dr Juliet Hacking on February 2, 2019 at 9:34

A wild guess: the man far right could be Robert Hunt? You would need to ask Dr James Ryan at the Royal College of Art, he is a specialist in Hunt.

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