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Howdy chaps. I am new to the forum so hello to one and all. I am after some infomation on a company called J Lancaster & Son who made photographic equipment from the mid 19th to the mid 20th Century. i am especially after info on their enlargers in the early part of the 20th century.
I recently bought one and am presently making it work, but i would like to know its age and also what lens it might have had origanly.
Any info on company or enlarger most welcome
Alex Burnham

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Hi Alex,

Are you still looking info for your Lancaster enlarger?

I recently aquired an 18 pages booklet/catalog on "Photographic Enlarging Apparatus" from Lancaster & Sons. Can't find any publishing date on it.

Let me know what model you have if you are interested.

Kind regards,


Hello Charles,

I posted this so long ago I had all but forgotten about it! Many thanks for your offer, I think it is a "Cresco" vertical  enlarger based roughly on a press ad I have seen that looks similar but that is about the extent of my knowledge on the thing. As of yet I have not got it working, but I have not really tried as I have been busy with other projects. any light you can shed would be most welcome


I have a receipt from Wallace Heaton of New Bond Street for my Leica IIIa and f2 Summar (I am only the second owner) and a whole lot of other bits and pieces. Amongst these is a Cresco Enlarger for the sum of £3 5/-. No enlarging lens is in the list of items bought, so I would assume the original owner intended to use the Summar lens with the Cresco. 



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