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I am writing a PhD dissertation on Antoine Claudet at the City University of New York (with advisor Geoffrey Batchen). I have visited several public and private collections in the States and the UK but if anyone has suggestions as to new places to look for Claudets I would appreciate it.

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I am sure you checked the Eastman House but if you didn't you should.  They have a a very nice collection of Claudet stereo daguerreotypes as well as some very interesting manuscript drawings relating to his studies on stereo optics.  Also, an interesting point about Claudet from a conservation point of view was his use of coatings on his daguerreotypes which allowed for such fine handcoloring.  This was common amongst high end studios in the UK at the time (like Beard,etc.)


You can find  one reproduction of a painting in the collection of the Prentenkabinet at Leiden university Also look at for five other portraits, two of them stereoscopic daguerreotypes. Claudet visited Bingham in Paris and described his use of a solar enlarger invented by the American Woodward in La Lumiere, the periodical of the Societe Francaise de la Photographie.

best wishes,

sjaak boone

H Karen

I picked up this somewhat old posting whilst searching on Claudet and Houghton. I am researching early photogtraohy in Nottingham UK and I am trying to track down any records of studio skylights supplied or installed by Claudet & Houhgton. Just wondered if anything you had come across might point in that direction. I have access to a very early studio where there is a possibility of reconstruction if we can find authentic records as to what the early skylight really looked like. So far, I believe it to have included some 1/4" blue glass supplied by C&H but no more details.

Kind regards


Hi Karen,

I remember seeing some Claudet stereo daguerreotypes when I did some consulting at the Grollier Club in New York. It was part of the Thomas Phillipps collection I believe.


Hi Karen,

There are a number of Claudet stereo daguerreotypes at the Grollier Club in New York. I saw them years ago when they asked me to consult on them and some other daguerreotypes. I think they are in the Thomas Phillipps collection.


Karen,  Are you still interested in photos taken by Antoine Claudet?  My neighbour showed me two photos that she inherited from her father who came from England.  They are beautiful.  She doesn't know the people in the photos, nor does she know anything about the photographer.  So I told her that I would look it up on the internet.  That is how I found you.  At least now I know the time-line when these photos could have been taken.  She even has the leather case that the photos came in.  Are these photos valuable?

Coleen Power

Dear Coleen,

I apologize for my delay in replying. Yes I would very much like to see images of these daguerreotypes if that it possible. Could you email them to and I will tell you as much as I can about them? Thanks very much for contacting me!


Hi Karen,

Thanks for your reply.  I will try to send the photos to you as soon as possible.  Presently our scanner is not working and I am having trouble fixing it.


Karen, here are 3photos. I will try to send more later. Seems as though I can only send three at a time.
Coleen Power
Hope these other three photos come through. Coleen Power

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