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I have been working on building a database of early photographic works, been doing this for about a decade.The database is currently running off of a thumb drive and is pushing 75GB. The database is indexed and is searchable via Regex searching. Being indexed, it is fast. All of the books are locally on the drive itself.

Everything is prior to 1923 with the exception of a handful of books that were not renewed and are deemed to be public due to the Stanford Database.

(Renewals, for many years were kept in a handwritten ledger, where members of the Library of Congress could log in renewals "when they had time." This is the story. Stanford University took it on themselves to transcribe the handwritten notes into a database, which is not the US defacto legal way to tell if a renewal had been made.)

The books are listed below.

It includes a complete set of Photo-Minature and a complete set of CameraCraft.

I am working on a complete set of the BJP, and thus this post:

From 1854 to 1923 I am missing:

Everything before 1860, 1854-1860.











If anyone knows of a source for the missings, I'd like to know.

I plan to put this online eventually here in the US. Due to weirdness in European copyright laws, (I'm not saying the US is not weird, BTW) The US is the best place to host it. Many UK sources feel they can re-copyright public domain works due to making a copy, the US courts have ruled against this repeatedly.

Also if there is anyone with good networking skills and would like to set this up, let me know. My last networking gig was as a civilian computer expert and team leader at the Los Angeles Police Department, I lead the team, that developed the LAPD Hitman homicide evidence system and our beta test was the O.J. Simpson case. Go figure.

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Hello Richard,

Congratulations on pursuing the incredible task of digitising the BJP's. I did once attempt a pre-WW1 volume & gave up defeated!

I have the BJP Almanac for 1886. Not in great shape, many pages are loose, but as far as I know it's complete. The editorial pages are not degraded, although a few of the advertiser's have faded.

How would you want to proceed - I can scan here (UK), would be great if I could get access to the rest of your set.

Best regards,

Martin Reed

Good afternoon,

Have you ever tried to look up what's on the site www.archive. org ?


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