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Categorising photographic images - the Photo Lab solution.

Before digital photography became widely used, most amateur photographers - and a fair number of professional photographers too - sent their films for processing and printing to photo labs. It was not unusual for the sender to omit to include their name and contact address with their films, consequently films could not be identified and returned to their owner unless the photographer provided details of what images were on their film. I recall that one printing lab (I think it was Kodak) had developed a list of categories of photographic images (e.g portrait, baby, group of people, landscape, etc.) that could be mapped against the photographer’s list. This list - I think there were about 20 categories of image - encompassed most of the photographs likely to appear on the average amateur’s film.
I am searching for details of the list of categories used by photo labs and any related information to help with a photographic project I am undertaking. 
Any helper information you can provide will be very much appreciated -
Emeritus Professor, University for the Creative Arts

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