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I am trying to find out a bit more about the life of Ernest Brooks, best known for his 1st World War photographs, who was also for a few years an official photographer to the British royal family. In particular I was wondering whether he could have accompanied King George V and Queen Mary on their tour of India in 1911-12 and taken photographs which were put in a commemorative album "The King Emperor's Indian Durbar Tour 1911-12".

Any information gratefully received.



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Ernest did accompany the King to India 1911-12. He was working for the Central Press Agency as well as the Daily Mirror.

Dear John

Thank you for this information, it is most helpful. I have been meaning to contact the Royal Archives at Windsor to find out more about the origins of this album, it would seem likely that some of the photographs in it would come from him. They certainly look like the work of a professional photographer.


Graham Hogg

We also have him credited to Keystone Press Agency..

Dear Sarah


Thanks for this information. Was it normal for photographers to be working for two press agencies on a tour like this?



Ah - sorry - I simply mean he also worked for keystone not that he was employed by them specifically on the tour. sorry for the confusion.

Hi Graham


Yes he did indeed accompany them.  He also had a studio at 1 Buckingham Palace Road, London 1914 - 1915.  His photographs of the First World War are at the Imperial War Museum, as you probably know.  Let me know if I can be of further help.


Best wishes

Hilary Roberts

Head Curator

Imperial War Museum Photograph Archive 

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