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Last Saturday I bought in a local auction a stereoscope along with 120 images. I've been trying to find out what make this is but without success. I can't find any images online that look like this one. It looks too good to have been homemade. It has a rack and pinion for the focus and a ground glass screen at the rear of the usual card holder.

Can anyone help?

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it's for tissue views... like a modern day slide/transparency..

go to and ask brian ginnes about it.

Thanks for your help Darrin. I've had a quick look at that web site, it looks very interesting. I'll get in touch with them later today.

I did realise about the tissue views, there were 2 in the stack of 120 cards that came with the viewer. Those 2 are fairly tatty views of a French room. The candles in the pictures have been perforated to add a bit of realism when the light comes through.

darrin hill said:

go to and ask brian ginnes about it.

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