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Help needed identifying early colour process


I have a small a box of late Victorian / Edwardian glass negatives and positives, and in amongst them are 13 colour positive glass slides.  One is clearly an Autochrome, but the other twelve are made with a process that I am unfamiliar with.

At first glance they appear to be similar to ones attributed to the Finlay Colour Process, but looking under a loupe the 'grid' and colour patterns appear to my untrained eye to be rather different.  They comprise of perfect squares (with very crisp edges) in a diagonal grid and I think are only made up of alternating magenta and green (or thereabouts).  There are about three squares per millimetre, so c. 72 dpi.

I haven't got the correct equipment to get a good image, but you can get a rough idea from a detailed crop I have put online at (and see the full image linked from that).

I would welcome any suggestions as to what process this might be.

Regards, James

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Ah, I'm not sure but I may have answered my own question - details here about the Paget process have remarkable similarities

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