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Help with Salt Print & Mystery Monogram identification.

Hello BPH participants! 

  I am wondering if anyone on this forum may be able to help in the identification of the photographer of this Salt Print. I have researched as best i can and am, to be fair, stumped! 

 I have attached obviously an image of the photograph, but also two images of a monogram on the verso.

One image is the monogram as it looks, one i have tried to enhance it, fairly unsuccessfully but it may be a little better.

 I have had various thoughts as to the author of the monogram but i fear it may just muddy the waters if i speculate here right now.

  I do hope that some light from this group may be shed upon this photograph!

There are a couple of other salt prints that i will also post within this Forum to seek help with, but i will start with this.

Thank you...

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