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I recently acquired some lantern slides depicting life on board Hull fishing vessels in the early 1900s. I was so fascinated by them, and keen to find out as much as I could about the subjects, that I have started a website about them -

Aside from what they depict, I also have a personal quest to find out a bit more about the technical side for things, hence I thought this group may be able to help. For example, what camera might have been used to produce them? It is notable that there are several images of waves breaking across the boats that would suggest reasonably high shutter speeds (e.g. see Does that limit how early they might be? There is some debate whether they are pre or post Great War, so can this help solve that? As far as the camera goes then I guess we also have a few extra small clues such as the proportional dimensions of the exposed original plate (but we can't tell exact size as they are copies from the negatives). There's even one image where I think we can see the shadow of the photographer/tripod, but there's no clear shape to it. Does anyone have any experience of whether these sorts of mysteries can be unravelled?

My knowledge on cameras from this period is relatively limited, so if anyone can share their knowledge, or even just speculate, then I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks, James

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