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Hello all,


This leather-cased Claudet daguerrotype is dateable to c.1843-8.

On the gilt or brass frame a name is stamped: 'I.GUY'. I haven't found anything online to explain this, but I am assuming that this may refer to the frame maker?


Have any members come across this practice, or even this particular name before? Perhaps you know of other Claudet daguerrotypes framed in the same way?


I am also interested to know more about daguerrotype and ambrotype frames: for example, were they an integral part of the case, when presented in this way? Or were frames always separate items, sometimes used alone but often designed to fit into a hinged case?  I wonder whether frames were custom-made for individual photographs or would early photographers have purchased frames of a standard size?  It would be interesting to know if anyone has studied this aspect in depth.


Many thanks,



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