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Information on Walter Dockree - Camera Maker

I would be grateful if anyone can assist me with details about Walter Dockree - Camera Maker. I understand he was involved with the 'Britisher Reflex Camera'. Any details about his connections with 'Houghtons' and 'Staley, Shew & Co.' Also as a joint patentee with 'Alfred Joseph Denniss'. 

Is anything known about his death which seems to have happen at Tottenham Hotspur Football Ground in 1952?

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Not much to add except he was working with Houghtons until around 1910, he then traded under his own name until joining Staley, Shew & Co. in 1915. After a few years he worked with or for Houghton-Butcher. Most of his patents are for reflex cameras. Some of his cameras were sold under retailers brand names. I have his date of birth as 1874.

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