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National Stereoscopic Association Stereoview Checklists and back issues of StereoWorld available online

The National Stereoscopic Association empowered Paula Fleming, Rusty Norton and me to begin to generate an online resource of checklists of stereoviews titles and related material as a resource for researchers and collectors. A new update is now available.


Examples of lists and links now available inlcude Tex Treadwell's listing of International Stereographers, Michael Burr stereo titles, E & H T Anthony catalog, several checklists of Arizona and New Mexico stereoviews, and Carleton Watkins photographic works. 


In addition, the first 6 issues of Stereo World have been made available online. Plans are to periodically add subsequent early issues of the publication, with additional lists as they become available.


Please take a look and join the effort if you have checklists of titles or information to add about early stereo photographers.


This is a work in progress and we'll post notes as it continues to grow... 


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