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Spirit of America, V134, incl. All the Best, 1st complete history of UK's Picture Post mag by DavidJos.Marcou

The longest text item by far in "Spirit of America, V134" is "All the Best," my complete history of Britain's Picture Post mag (see attachments), which I recently revised, updated, & fine-tuned ca. May 2020, after writing its 1st draft in 1993. PP was, in my opinion, the greatest picture mag in the golden age of picture magazines, tho I don't believe it was ever printed on glossy paper, unlike Life mag. It was the most widely-read mag in Britain during WWII, & likely the most-popular anti-Nazi mag of its era. I'm David Joseph Marcou, Matt's dad & 1 of the world's most prolific authors, & a member of the British Photo History Blog.

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Hi David I have just recently done my Dissertation on Picture Post, and used your book which I found in a PDF format somewhere on the web. I have stated that your are the author and the name of your book.The fact that I think your book is in fact the most accurate version of anything about Picture Post I have found anywhere.I started to collect weekly issues of a little while ago and I now have 972 which means I need two more for the complete set. It was when I got to around p146 and read the list of editors you have labeled, that came after Tom Hopkinson that I realised you knew more than others as you are the only one to list all editors others just guess and they are writing a lot of fiction about Picture Post. I have searched for your book but have been unsuccessful as it is shown out of print if you have a copy could I please buy it. Cheers Ron Lines 

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