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The colour photo in the exhibition of 'The Family of Man'

According to a talk by Fred Turner (Associate Professor of Communication and Director of the Science, Technology and Society Program at Stanford University) (posted on YouTube in February 2014), there is a colour picture in the "The Family of Man' exhibition. I bought the 1955 version of this exhibit and I don't see this photo in the book. Does anyone know about this photo? I would be very grateful if I could get more information.

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Hi Vivienne  It was the transparency of the hydrogen bomb


Hi Gael,  Thank you so much for sending this information to me. This is fantastic. I can imagine how powerful it was when the only colour photo in the exhibit was the moment the hydrogen bomb exploded. 
Gael Newton said:

Hi Vivienne  It was the transparency of the hydrogen bomb


Hi Vivienne  I dont think the last word has been said at all Steichen and The Family of Man it was surely for the time one of the more daring and provocative  gestures but in a cleverly cloaked way. The exhibition came to Australia and had an impact. Ive written a bit on it in my 1988 Shades of Light Photography and Australia  online at

regards Gael

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