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I've been working on my memoir, Light Writings, which is semi-memoir and personal essays. I've always been hooked on trivia that has a "Gee, that's interesting aspect to it."

I was doing some more research on W.L.F. Wastell, FRPS, who was an accomplished photographer in his on right, but wrote a column under the pseudonym of "The Walrus" as well.

One aspect of photography that has not been resurrected in the modern era like platinum, or tintype is the lantern slide. Thankfully!

Being now in my late 70's I can recall my grade school teachers using glass plate lantern slides for teaching and as I recall Britannica was the publisher of them. There were likely already a quarter century old in the mid 1940's. The War interrupted things like teaching media, so we were a bit behind at the time.

Any additions or comments appreciated.



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